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“I am not Abnegation. I am not Dauntless. I am Divergent. And I can’t be controlled.”

MY FAVOURITE ASOIAF HOUSES → [9/10] » House Velaryon of Driftmark

↳ House Velaryon of Driftmark rules the island of Driftmark, the largest island of Blackwater Bay in the Crownlands. High Tide is one of their castles. The head of House Velaryon is titled Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark. The Velaryons are sworn to Dragonstone. A traditional name of the Velaryons is Jacaerys.[4] Their arms depict a silver seahorse on sea green. Their words do not appear in the books, but according to semi-canon sources they are “The Old, the True, the Brave”.

"What everyone knows is that Ser Alliser is a knight from a noble line, and trueborn, while I’m the bastard who killed Qhorin Halfhand and bedded with a spearwife. The warg, I’ve heard them call me. How can I be a warg without a wolf, I ask you?" His mouth twisted. "I don’t even dream of Ghost anymore. All my dreams are of the crypts, of the stone kings on their thrones. Sometimes I hear Robb’s voice, and my father’s, as if they were at a feast. But there’s a wall between us, and I know that no place has been set for me."

You were an exceptional Doctor, Clara. Goodness had nothing to do with it.

I can set myself on fire and be noticed. (insp.)


i procrastinate until it’s not even procrastinating anymore it’s just stupidity

For half of my childhood I was locked in a freezer, so being helpful is kind of a new thing for me.


I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself. I want to avoid becoming too styled and too ‘done’ and too generic. You see people as they go through their career, and they just become more and more like everyone else.

maisie williams for assitant magazine

Seize him. Cut his throat. Oh, wait! I’ve changed my mind. Let him go. Step back three paces. Turn around. Close your eyes. Power is power.


Game of Scenery: Winter is coming


Game of Thrones season 2

The gods have n o   m e r c y, that’s why they’re gods.


Holland Roden for New York Moves